Our Last Projects

Opening Ceremony of Reconductoring 132 KV "Shaqlawa - Soran Junction" and new 132 KV OHTL Line "Soran Junction - Soran 1" and Soran AIS 132 KV Substation Extension In Erbil Governorate, Under Supervision of Ministry of Electricity - KRG, General Directorate of Power Transmision.

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Our Last Projects

HERO Company gets an Appreciation & Thanks Certificate by Duhok Governor

Appreciation Certificate

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Our Last Projects

Supplying of HV Hardware & Gantry Steel Structures for Baiji 400/132 kV Substation in IRAQ

Supply of Materials for 400/132 kV Substation

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Overhead Transmission Line Stringing ProcessS

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Those are some of HighLight Services That we Offers to our Customers


HERO Company offers the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for all kind of high voltage overhead transmission line projects up to 400kV. The EPC are provision of: engineering, design, manufacture and supply including spare parts, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, and handover to end-user with also defects liability for long period.


The process of improving cleaning, repairing & rebuilding for a broken, damaged, or outworking structures and equipment of transmission lines or substations. Additionally, renovation can restore to good condition and bringing something back to life as its new again.



HERO Company provides ground and air maintenance inspections for all kind overhead transmission lines by using professional lineman inspectors and aerial drone depending on the land topography. Also our customers can see live stream aerial inspections during checking line, as well as to locate exact damaged place.

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Our Latest Projects

The Below are Some of our last projects that we made with heart